Friday, August 17, 2012

A Hair Growth Miracle

Exactly 5 weeks ago I went to a hair salon to get my hair dyed and trimmed. Neither had turned out exactly how I had planned them too. My hair went a little more red and a little bit more then I wanted was cut off. My dye faded quite quickly but the length was another story. Being someone who loves long hair I went on a rapid search to find something that would make my hair grow. Needless to say I found such a product that does the trick!

Hair Fertilizer by Organic Root Stimulator ($9.49) is the product I ended up purchasing. It is a nourishing product that is meant to help the scalp. By helping the scalp you are helping the area where your hair grows from. It helps your hair grow and also grow stronger. It is meant for people who have chemically damaged hair, hair loss, or just want to maintain there current length hair. Not only do I put this in my roots, but, I also apply it to all my hair to help add thickness. I apply it at night, sleep in it, and wash it out in the morning. I would not recommend putting this in during the day because it's fairly greasy. 

My hair on July 10/12
5 weeks ago my hair was above my shoulder. 

My hair today

Now my hair is about 3 inches below my shoulder, after using Hair Fertilizer about 4 nights a week.

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