Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day: The Do's and Don'ts of Date Night Makeup

Valentine's Day is here, and no matter if you are going out with a group of friends or going on a date with someone special, there are always guidelines to the perfect date night makeup.


  •  Experiment, tonight is not the night to try some crazy purple eye makeup or an up do you've never tried
  • Wear to much makeup, the last thing you want is your makeup caked over their clothing. An awkward situation for both parties
  • Don't cake it on, keep it simple and pretty. Remember less is more
  • Don't look like you just came back from a sunny getaway- this is for you bronzer lovers
  • Don't wear to dark of lipstick, again you want to be the one wearing the lipstick- not them
  • A simple, flirty, and pretty hairstyle
  • A neutral and pretty eye 
  • Remember the last minute preparations- brush teeth, deodorant and perfume
  • Scrub and moisturize lips
  • Have freshly painted nails
Whatever you are doing tonight remember less is more and simple is pretty.

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone xoxo

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  1. This is a great post! All these tips go for any special occasion. I look forward to reading future posts.